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About Us

We are an online community, offering creative entrepreneurs virtual co-working alongside writing and business support.

How is Creatively Connected different from other membership groups?

  • We are an intentionally small community, so that we can all get to know one another as individuals.

  • We know online businesses are built on words and offer a range of writing support, feedback & courses.

  • We are committed to working collaboratively and supporting one another’s work.

  • We have a focus on strategy, accountability and getting things done.

  • There's both a range & depth of events & support on offer here that's more like an intimate small group coaching programme than your average membership group.

"Working alone requires being self-motivated and self-directed, something that’s not always easy to achieve on a consistent basis. Since joining Creatively Connected, I feel like I get the benefits of working comfortably in my own home AND the input, support and shared learning of my favourite colleagues sitting right here with  me. The co-working hours in particular have been hugely beneficial. Too often I put things off because I feel tired, busy or simply uninspired, but these sessions mean I check in, commit to my task and nail it. Often in a much shorter time than I imagined." 

Jessica Uys, Coach

The community has started out small but will never grow beyond 150 people. Why that number? Well, it’s known as Dunbar’s number, after the anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, who established that around the world, and across human history, 150 is the average size of tribes and social groupings. It’s the number of people that we’ve evolved to get our heads around knowing.  

Why You Should Join Us

“It is the most inspiring and supportive space, filled with incredible people.” 

Eli Trier, Consultant

Meet an inspiring and diverse group of small business owners, freelancers, artisans and change-makers. The community includes web designers, coaches, holistic practitioners, copywriters, retreat leaders, artists and e-course creators, based in the UK, Europe, the US, South Africa, Singapore and Indonesia.

The community offers:

  • group coaching calls
  • weekly virtual co-working sessions
  • weekly live writing sessions
  • monthly editorial feedback on sales copy, newsletter content, blog posts, social media posts etc
  • quarterly business planning virtual retreat days
  • guest expert interviews & workshops (and consequently a growing library of video and audio resources)
  • a monthly book group discussion 

“It’s filled with wonderful entrepreneurs who care about running their businesses from a place of integrity and with a whole lot of heart. I especially love some of the beautiful projects and collaborations that I get to take part in as a result of meeting these amazing women.”

Kerstin Martin, E-course creator

The network is kept deliberately small so that it feels intimate and remains focused on connection and collaboration. Get all the advantages of a community of peers AND get business coaching and writing support all year round for an accessible monthly fee.

Speaking of the fee - it's $49.99/month or you can save money by paying annually ($499.99/year). And to give you chance to decide whether Creatively Connected is the right community for you, there's a two-week free trial period so that you can get a sense of who else is in here and whether the mix of events, interviews, coaching and feedback is right for you.

More from our members:

"Being in this group is so very helpful. It feels incredible to be around other people who work from their hearts and forge their own paths."

Sarah Braun, Designer

"Sometimes when I enter the virtual world I feel like a tourist who just got dropped off in Beijing or Dehli or somewhere else that’s mind-bogglingly crowded and easy to get lost in. Going to Creatively Connected is like stumbling into a secret hole-in-the-wall cafe that opens onto a bright, airy garden terrace. Everyone there is someone I’m excited to have an impromptu cuppa with—exchanging favorite things and shared experiences in this crazy world of being creative, entrepreneurial explorers online. 

I think that the caliber of humans in the group speaks volumes about our convener, Sophy Dale, who is bringing us the full range of her well-honed skills as a business coach and creator. She facilitates a steady beat of regular supportive offerings like our weekly check-ins, coworking sessions and “Just Write,” time, and there’s also a growing range of really intriguing resource-sharing going on from both Sophy and different community members.

In my experience as a one-woman web design and art studio owner, this kind of community experience is not just a nice perk of online entrepreneurship—it’s a lifeline of supportive colleagues ready and willing to offer feedback and encouragement. As an online business-owner, you simply have to have an online community or else you’re going to get lost in the weeds of your own fears, insecurities, and don’t-even-know-what-you-don’t-know-yet blind spots. 

If this kind of positive, gentle, but productive space resonates with you, please join us! We want to be in your good company, as well!" 

Emily KenCairn, Designer

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